Reason Number 8,573 Why I Love Living Near The Himalayas

Wild monkeys.

Took a trip today with my family to Ayubia, about a one hour drive into the mountains from where we live. Up 8,000 ft above sea level.  Other families were out in multitudes… in the streets of the mountain village there was joy, safety, simplicity, community, music, dancing, food…  Not quite the picture painted by world media about Pakistan and it’s people.

Perhaps the old Monkee’s song lyrics could be changed to: “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in Status Simple Land.”

Don’t get me wrong – I miss my “home and native land” often.  In fact, I had a little moment alone on July 1st to reflect upon how blessed I was to be raised there and how nice it will be to visit Canada at year end.  Tomorrow (July 4th) I will reflect again on the potential the United States (where I was naturalized several years ago, and where I also spend several months of each year) has to be a world leader with integrity – if I and my fellow Americans can work harder to actually live by her constitution…encouraging our elected leaders to do the same.

In the end though –  be it Canada, the USA or Pakistan – I am hopeful that my children may grow to make the world their home.  God willing, they will see beyond the nationalistic and political divides painted by men on this planet, to see the beauty of this earth and its people without prejudice, arrogance or greed.

Ah, with all our talk of freedom, democracy, flags and national holidays – if only we could all be as free and un-caged as the monkey’s of Ayubia.

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