Mary Janet Wharnsby

Mary Janet Wharnsby
October 2, 1938 ~ August 17, 2012

Flowers, house plants and I – you helped us grow,
now as I hold your cup – how were you and I to know,
I’d care for you and look for hints of paradise as I bend to wash your feet?
Our minutes fade like photographs or crowds from an evening street.

For all the wisdom and tea you gave to me,
let me offer something now, so warm and meaningful and sweet.
La ilaha ilallah.

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23 thoughts on “Mary Janet Wharnsby

  1. Fatima

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Husna

    May Allah swt bless her and give you ease at this difficult time. God bless.

  3. Sorry for your loss Sidi. Inna illayhi was inna illahhi rajaun.

  4. Roberto

    My condolences to you and yours at this time and my love to you.

  5. Roberto

    May I know where the visitation is?

  6. V.B.

    We’ll keep her in our prayers.

  7. Tahmina Saleem

    La ilaha ilallah

    I do not have the words to express how sorry I am for your loss, may the Most Merciful assist you with patience, and may you and your family grow stronger in love, and may Mary Janet Wharnsby rest in peace until you are all blissfully re-united once again in Paradise, ameen.

    My family and I are thinking of and praying for you and your family at this time.

  8. We will meet again, a family, next to sparkling rivers, in a musical garden, in grace and peace with God’s Mercy, Forgiveness and Love. God willing.

    May He Who created bring us back to Him with a pure soul and may He who created Mary Janet Wharnsby have mercy on her, reward her infinitely without meaasure, illuminate her resting place and raise her rank in heaven.

    God bless you and your family with open hearts and acceptance.


  9. Dearest Friends,

    Thank you so much for your condolences, prayers and sweet words of support to my family and I.

    Details of my mother’s funeral are online here for those of you who may live in Southern Ontario and may wish to attend the service.

  10. Sorry for your loss, Dawud. May Allah grant patience to you and your family in this difficult time.

    I wrote the below recently for a friend who’s mother passed away fighting cancer. I drew from my own emotional state thirteen years ago when my mother passed away fighting the same battle. I see now I should have shared this with you earlier.

  11. Tahmina Saleem

    We will be reciting Surah Yasin at 7pm today, also tomorrow at 6pm UK time and praying for blessings to be sent to your mother to light her resting place. No need to post this message – I just wanted to let you know. Peace.

  12. onetruejaveed

    Inna lillahi, wa inna ilayhi raji`oon. May Allah make it easy on you, your father and your family, ameen!

  13. yasmin begum

    Salaam brother Dawud, we are so saddened to hear of your loss. May Allah bless you with sabr to cope with this the most difficult of times. Your family and yourself are in our thoughts and prayers. May Allah bless her with eternal peace and happiness. You will be reunited with her again, one day soon. From your sisters in Bradford, Yasmin and Nuzhat and our families.

  14. Isa

    My condolences to you and your family. I was touched when you left Pakistan to keep her company in her time of need. I remember the lyrics to the song you posted above. I didn’t know they were about your mother.

  15. Hatidje

    Dawud, my condolences to you and your family! May your mother rest in peace and God’s mercy!

  16. Marium

    May Allah bless her and bless you with patience on your great loss.

  17. From Allah we come and to Allah we shall return.
    May Allah swt forgive her and Grant her Peace, ameen.

  18. Zainab A

    Remembering you in our prayers.
    -A well-wisher from Dublin, Ireland.

  19. fahad

    brother dawud salamoalaikum we feel so sad to know about your mother,may ALLAH give you strength for this great loss ,we feel that she was a great lady ,who moulded your mind in beautiful way ,giving you such an amazing training to look at things in an amazing way,mashaALLAH ,.,,,to him we belong to him is our return

  20. Zehra

    Asslam Alekum,
    I followed your blog but did not get a chance to see it in last few months. Just saw it today and want to give you my condolences. May Allah swt make her journey to the hereafter easy for her and grant you peace and solace, ameen!

  21. veganmuslimah

    May Allah keep you strong in islam and save you and your family from shaitan. Ameen. I cant thank Allah enough for the gift and “colours of islam” in my life that helps me through 🙂

  22. Surria and Ramsey

    Salaam Brother Dawud,
    I’ts been such a very long time. Wondering how you are doing and found your blog. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I know she was a wonderful woman and very close to your heart. May Allah shower his mercy on her soul and grant her with paradise, Ameen.

  23. Shani Hijabi

    You write so well mashAllah, so sorry to know about your mum. Stay stong inShaAllah.

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