A 2013 Remembrance Day Conversation

Kitchener Cenotaph
Today is Remembrance Day.

My daughters and I will go downtown to the cenotaph where we’ll stand in the sleet for a prayer.

At 11 am there will be the playing of Taps followed by a moment of silence in schools and workplaces to reflect upon the fallen of the world wars.
Banks and government offices will be closed all day and there will be no postal delivery.

Oh!  Will the garbage truck still be by for pick-up?


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4 thoughts on “A 2013 Remembrance Day Conversation

  1. Sorry, not entirely relevant, but I intended it under ‘poetry’ category:

    It was great to see you at the scouts event back in June (Slough, UK), which persuaded our son Daniel (“I’m gonna take my bycicle..”) to rejoin the cubs!

    Even more significantly, Sofia (Daniel’s younger sister, who you hadn’t met previously) took home your ‘Picnic of Poems’ book. She didn’t touch it for a couple of months. Being 5 years old I wasn’t expecting her to for some time. Then one evening I found her sat on the bed reading that book intensely. She had even memorised great parts of it!

    It was all part of her dramatic improvement in reading this summer. She was never very stimulated during her school months, but during summer she became inspired.

    Watching the Philippines typhoon disaster on TV last night she came up with the idea of helping some victims, by reading.

    So (like for Daniel’s bike ride) I’m helping put Sofia’s idea into practice with a fundraising page:


    Picnic of Poems will of course be on the list for her reading marathon, in our local library on November 30th



  2. Hadjra

    How respectful and thoughtful of Sheikh Uncle Dawud to pay his respects!
    I haven’t forgotten uncles lovely advice to me ” Please keep spreading your happiness particles around the world.” I will do just for uncle! Thumbs up to uncle for his politeness and everything else 🙂

  3. Dearest Usman,
    salams and love to your entire family. How exciting about Sofia’s wonderful initiative! Please give her my deepest thanks and encouragement. It will be my pleasure to visit her page and support her initiative.


  4. Salams Br Dawud,
    Thank you so, so, so much!! Ever so kind of you to sponsor Sofia!!
    As well helping our brothers and sisters in abject desperation, your generous sponsorship and your encouraging message are truly inspiring for Sofia, as well as the rest of our family and I’m sure for many others too.
    Jazakallah kheir!

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