Year End Update 1 of 7: Rabbit Hutch, Studio and Such

Outdoor Hutch
During the last six months I commenced and completed several small constructions in and around the house.

The July 23rd entry “If I Had A Hammer” narrated how my lumber shipment had arrived for the building of a home-studio in my garage/workshop.  Within just a few days the walls had been raised and were ready for sound-proofing insulation.   All in all, I was able to finish the rustic studio in just a few weeks, for only $500 ~ built by hand with no power tools and virtually no wasted materials.    Though my autumn tour schedule did not permit me to immediately dig into recording, I was able to get the facility fully functional.

Re-purposed wool carpet (removed from my in-law’s house) served as perfect covering to the walls, floor and ceiling of the intimate sound booth ~ helping me achieve the “dead quiet” ambiance I so love while tracking vocals or narratives.  A few wooden bar stools (my neighbour deemed “garbage”) became welcomed furniture and unused curtains from our old house served as additional and versatile sound absorption, while also bringing a certain “coziness” to the environment.  A wooden work table my father built years ago (then recently passed along to me) and a retro 1960’s tin desk lamp that once lit my grandmother’s sewing nook, provide some nostalgia to the primary workspace, which I also plan on decorating with old LP covers by some of my favourite musical influences.

With the studio done and dusted, I was pleased to utilize all left over lumber in the building of two hutches for Brownie, a four year old rabbit our family adopted from the Humane Society last October.   The outdoor hutch was rather heavy for a small pet dwelling ~ being made of scrap 2×4″ studs and 3/4″ plywood ~ but at least our fuzziest family member will be warm and well protected from the elements in his fortress.  Roughly patterning my design on random pictures I had seen among Google images, the only other items I needed to purchase for the project were wire mesh, some paint, a few cedar shingles.

Once weather dropped well below freezing a few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon or two building an indoor hutch for little Brownie ~ again, made completely out of scrap wood and left over mesh.   A year or so ago I had inherited an old bedroom dresser mirror form my uncle’s home.   The mirror cracked during a move but I was convinced the wooden frame would be of use someday, so I held onto it (I simply cannot bear throwing away anything made of trees, as wood can always be cleaned, cut, sanded or reassembled into something!)  Once I had stapled screen to it’s edges, destiny decreed the frame to be a perfectly fitting lid for the indoor rabbit cage.

Little Brownie is now cozy ~ nestled inside his seasonal, straw lined hutch… and as my daughters are occupied in play with him, maybe I will be able to hop away in the weeks ahead to record some songs in my own new little studio-hutch.  Depending upon how the process goes for this temperamental musician, my wife may want wire mesh stapled across my studio doorway too…while I am inside!

Indoor Hutch

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3 thoughts on “Year End Update 1 of 7: Rabbit Hutch, Studio and Such

  1. junaid

    dawud i really recommend you listen to some of jack johnson’s work in particular his track “constellations”. His style really reminded me of your work

  2. Thank you Junaid ~ indeed, I enjoy Jack Johnson’s work tremendously. My level of musical craftsmanship falls far below his ~ so it is quite nice of you to say you are reminded of his work when you hear mine. One of the films my girls love to watch the most is the recent adaption of the “Curious George” character. Johnson provides the uplifting music for the movie, so his songs are never far from our lips.

  3. junaid

    ah your far too humble dawud,i pray God grants you his closeness

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