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Year End Update 7 of 7: Scribble Drawings

Parents, teachers or youngsters looking for a simple art project to pass the time or inspire creativity this New Year’s Eve, here is one my eldest daughter and I have been enjoying for the past few weeks.

We call it Scribble Art and find it challenging, fun and sometimes even funny.

We each take a piece of scrap, doodle paper and a writing utensil.  The craft works best if each person has a different colour pencil or crayon, or if one person uses a pen and the other uses a pencil.

Each artist tosses a very basic “scribble” on their page, then papers are exchanged.   The artists creatively add lines or shade portions to create some sort of picture out of the scribble before them.  The creativity gets even more intense when each artist is given a time limit on the doodle they make out of the scribble they are given.

Here are some examples of my doodles (in pencil) built upon my daughter’s scribbles (in red ink).

Here are examples of my daughter’s doodle art (in red ink) built upon my scribbles (in pencil).  Can you spot the bird, snails, rabbit, person, inch-worm, hat and dinosaur?