In The Nook ~ New Video Tutorials

After years of requests, I will now be uploading a series to Youtube called “In The Nook”.   The short and informal video tutorials will help teach basic chord progressions for my songs to those of you who’ve taken up the guitar.   Episode 1 is now on-line with the song “The Truth That Lies Inside”…filmed this morning before I went out to rake the lawn and do some April yard clean-up.

Pick up your guitar and please click the image below to listen, view and pick-along.

In The Nook ep 1

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5 thoughts on “In The Nook ~ New Video Tutorials

  1. Sha'ista Mahomed Abbas

    I’m so excited about this. I’ve fantasized singing & playing “The truth that lies inside” and “Prophet for profit”… Now I can & have no excuse !

  2. At long last Sha’ista! Hopefully you will have no trouble working out the chords, since you play guitar left handed, you ol’ Jimmy Hendrix you. 😉

  3. Junaid

    dawud can you please tell me if you are working on new material and if so when we should expect it, Ive been waiting since 2007 man. I just noticed your acoustic therapy project is this sort of a remake or will it also be new material sorry for the question overload i just really want to hear something new from you.

  4. Dear Junaid,

    Thank you for your message and interest in new songs. Indeed, I am working on a few new albums of material.

    “Acoustic Therapy” is a collection of 20 songs selected from my past albums dating back to 1995. The tracks were re-recorded live in studio ~ just my voice, a guitar or banjo and three microphones ~ and represent a very accurate image of what the songs original sounded like in my head when I wrote them and what they sound like when I play them live on tour. The collection includes new demo/live versions of two previously unreleased songs which will appear on a forthcoming CD entitled “Live Life Like A Traveller”.

    “Live Life Like A Traveller” has been in per-production since about December 2013 and my hope is to have it out by August/September of this year. How “new” is “new”? Since my last proper original album was the 2007 “Out Seeing The Fields” you can only imagine the back-log of material I have to sort through! Some of the tunes that will feature on “Live Life Like A Traveller” have been performed live in my shows since 2007, one has been circulated as a demo informally on the web and yet another was recorded with Zain Bhikha for his album “Hope” a few years ago. So the songs are not “secrets”, but as “studio recordings” go, overall the “new album” will be brand new and quite different from the sound of “Out Seeing The Fields”. Tracks will include, “Live Life Like A Traveller”, “Guantanamo Bay”, “Pages of Hope/What Has Become”, “Dark Heba, Light Heba”, “I Just Wanna Sing”, “What Is It You Do”, “Troubadour”, “Saad Dreams” and others.

    My good old friend Chuck Furbacher (we’ve been friends since high school!) and I have done a little rehearsing and it will be so wonderful having him on drums. Legendary bassist Danny Thompson is on board as well. He’s a gem of a man, helped out with my “Poets and The Prophet” CD back in 2004 and I am simply tickled pink to work with him again. Other guests and session players too are all awaiting their session dates in June/July ~ Yusra Battikh and Moez Melon (with flute and vocals), Heather Chapell & Vince Peets with vocals and various instrumental accompaniment… and there are a few special contributions by my dear friend Zain Bhikha.

    There is also a new kids album in pre-production for release later in 2014 AND believe it or not, I have also started selecting tracks for “Acoustic Therapy Vol. 2” and another new CD to be released in 2015!

    So my friend, with me now at the ship’s wheel of my own home studio, I am looking forward to sharing a ton of new music in months/years ahead ~ insha Allah!

  5. Junaid

    wow Dawud thank you for that incredibly comprehensive reply im glad to hear you have so much in store. I wish you all the best and wait in earnest for your new music.

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