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Over the past several years of travelling and touring to share my songs, it has surprised me that so many hosts and audience members have confessed to being avid readers of these little articles posted here from time to time.   They ask, “How are your bees?”, “How has homeschooling your daughters been going?” or sweetly, “How’s your dad?”.    The most common comment though has been, “Please keep writing…even if it is just once in a while…just keep writing!”.   That support means a great deal to me.  So a big “thank you” to all of you who keep up with my eccentric notes here.   Also, a big special hug for being so patient with me between stories and new songs ~ in a time when most folks “tweet” several times a day from hand-held devices, and this old luddite only posts every few months from a computer sitting next to his rotary telephone!

This past year or two have been a very strange and admittedly difficult time for me.   Poor health, professional precariousness, spiritual discontentment, family responsibilities and even economic turmoil brought on by identity theft and a huge federal tax bill have had me treading dark waters, to the point of complete exhaustion.  For many, many months now I have had to retreat to my workshop and garden for some important reflection and reassessment.  Beating nails into lumber and seeds into the earth have been much more therapeutic (and productive) for me lately than beating my head against walls or beating my promises to others into poorly kept commitments.  These times come for us all during different seasons in our lives and I believe it is important to embrace them head on, even if it means distancing ourselves from routines and social circles we’re used to,  so we may regain the balance we need.

With summer 2016 now in full bloom, I have been gradually inspired to write once again.  Exercising a certain degree of trepidation, I have begun a tip-toe process of reconnecting with the world through work on a new collection of songs, the booking of some low-key presentations this summer and a new series of Summer Blogs.   Planning to release a few articles to share some new stories, video links, updates on my new musical projects and perhaps even progress on my urban farming experiments.

Join me if you wish ~ encourage friends to subscribe ~ or please share the postings with others who may be interested in the musings of a middle aged songwriter, seeking simplicitea somewhere between back-yard bee hives and the big world beyond.

With peace,


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