A Whisper of Peace / Colours of Islam Anniversary Re-Issue

“A Whisper of Peace” and “Colours of Islam” stand out as two of the first full collections of English language “anasheed” (traditional Muslim hymns) ever written, recorded and distributed globally.

Two decades after their original release, Dawud’s albums “A Whisper of Peace” and “Colours of Islam” have taken on a life of their own, continuing to inspire new generations and finding their way into the homes, schools and hearts of listeners around the world. Each fruitful tune in these classic collections bursts with colourful imagery and wide-eyed wonder. In true folk-song tradition, the simple, yet well crafted lyrics and melodies (recorded with just vocals and hand drums) stick solidly in the minds of children, roll easily off the tongues of young singers, and remain fondly lodged in the memories of moms, dads and grandparents who grew up hearing them.

Re-released now with Dawud’s initially intended artwork, the original recordings have all been digitally enhanced and remastered, presented in their familiar order and supplemented with the addition of several new bonus tracks: Wharnsby’s solo version of the much loved “Little Bird”, his vibrant new songs “Hear Me Beat My Drum” and “Try a Little, Little Bit” as well as a special extended version of “A Whisper of Peace” with additional lyrics you won’t remember from childhood!

Download the “Whisper of Peace / Colours of Islam (Anniversary Re-Issue)” here.

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