New Site Page Goes Live: Timeline 1990 – 1995

Greetings of peace dear friends,

In keeping with my promise for 2019, I am hoping the slightly new website design is pleasing to your eyes.   Though I am still tweaking things and ironing out some problems, step by step, it is taking shape.

This week, I am pleased to launch a new section of the site which may help to provide a bit of background to my work, especially as I ramp up toward my third decade of sharing songs.  It’s been quite a journey for me thus far and I’m often targeted with questions about how and why I started writing and singing.  People also wonder why I professionally shoot myself in the foot so much ~ lay low, go AWOL from time to time, duck away from social media or don’t make music videos.   Perhaps the new Timeline Section will help answer some of those questions and be a handy supplement to a few new articles I have in the works.

The Timeline (a drop down menu under the “About Dawud” header) will be updated bi-monthly and detail some important landmarks in my life, divided up into six-year increments. 

The first Timeline, now on-line here, takes us back to 1990 when I was a one-hundred and ten pound, curly-haired, high-school graduate, without a whisker on his chin, a plan in his head or a penny in his pocket.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane with me as you peruse the timeline and giggle at some of the video and audio links I’ve thrown in for fun.


10 Comments on “New Site Page Goes Live: Timeline 1990 – 1995

  1. Brilliant Dawud I should be sleeping at this time of the morning UK but wasn’t so couldn’t resist to take a walk down memory lane with you.look forward to lots more Incha Allah. Really Loved Maries wedding you and Heather my mum used to sing this as well. 🙂

  2. Thank you Dawud for sharing your path
    . It was from the day one uphill in musical and spiritual sense. Straight and successful!
    Young and old can learn from it.
    Looking forward for the next set of years.
    Wishing you the best in every way


  3. My goodness… such memories! Where did the time go?? So much fun to see the old clips. Thanks for sharing these pieces of your past with friends and fans alike. Looking forward to the upcoming revamps of your website. xo

  4. Greetings of peace my friend, Happy you liked “Marie’s Wedding”. True Story: when I was editing the old video and heard that song after so long, you popped right into my mind! I said to myself, “Here’s one for Lisa and I to sing at Willowbrook when next we have a campfire there!”

  5. Peace Nihada ~ Well thank you for meandering down the path with me! My journey has been more of an up-hill climb I’d say. A timeline like this leaves out much of the grit, grime and glory of life’s experiences. There’s no mention of the kids spitting at me in England while I sang on street corners…or folks throwing old beer cans into my case instead of coins. I did not detail the debilitating anxiety that would hit before standing in front of any audience (and still does!) ~ to the extent that some performances never happened! Some of my notorious mistakes were omitted as well. There were friendships made and friendships lost, and friendships rekindled. There was the hope of aligning with a religious community that may help me grow spiritually, and the reality of being ideologically and cultural ill-fit to how the Qur’an is normatively interpreted and practiced in our world today. So many inconsistencies in our lives. In any event, as the timeline continues, thank you for being with me. I’ll urge you to “read between the lines” though…use your imagination to fill in the blanks between calendar dates I list. That may provide a more interesting experience. 😉

  6. How wonderful to have you here with us Heather! Both in the Timeline/videos and posting here, so many years later. Hope you feel that I represented the highlights of those days accurately. When I sit back in my office and look at the volumes of journals kept during those five years ~ this Timeline reads like a four panel comic strip! With you here, you can blow my cover if I say anything incorrect or embellish events too heavily. 😉

  7. I’d better practice then ha ha and look forward to another sing song round the campfire Incha Allah.

  8. “There was the hope of aligning with a religious community that may help me grow spiritually, and the reality of being ideologically and cultural ill-fit to how the Qur’an is normatively interpreted and practiced in our world today”
    Well this really hit hard! The ill fit is a sad reality for many of us still. The cultural component is a hard one for me. I feel very blessed that my girls have a person on stage that looks and sounds like their family members and represents the Muslim community. For 4 and 7 year olds they have really embraced your song and lyrics and when they met you at Muslimfest it was a real highlight of our year!! Thanks for all your hard work

  9. Greetings of peace dear Diana and thank you for sharing. What you wrote means a great deal to me and I do not take your words lightly. When it comes to religion and culture…traditions and Empires of Faith: I like to keep in mind that, it took 1500 years for The Reformation to show people that the Roman Empire could claim exclusive dibs on Christianity or copyright on The Bible. For muslims, it has now been just 1440 years since the Empire of Islam was born after Muhammad’s passing (peace be upon him). Perhaps we may see a Reformation in our time, wherein the teachings of the Qur’an may be lived more organically, leading to a more inclusive cultural paradigm for one and all. When it comes to music: In our times, the type of songs I write, and the way I sing them, is quite passé. So when I hear of youngsters and families who still feel they can connect with me culturally, ideologically, artistically and spiritually, it gives me hope and motivation to continue. It’s not always easy, I’ll be honest. Recently I met a sweet fellow who told me how his two young daughters were with him at Muslimfest last summer when I took to the stage. My song set had been sandwiched between other, younger and more trendy religious pop-singers of our times. The man continued, “My daughter told me after you sang, that she felt sorry for you when you first got on stage because she didn’t think anyone would listen to you.” To my heart’s delight (ego’s delight?), he informed me that she did, in fact, enjoy my set of songs. But that is not the case with many youth… and that disheartens me sometimes. Not because new audiences may not want to hear my songs. That’s ok ~ I’ll bethe first to admit that my songs are quite dated. But because new audiences don’t realize what they are missing when it comes to the richness of lyrical stories, rounds, hymns, songs meant to be sung in harmony and in community with others! Their references for “music” are what the corporate machines behind social media and reality programs auto-tune and churn out for digital download. Sadly, such is the case for young muslim artists of our time too, sponsored by Vodafone or Pepsi and growing up without the type of mentors I was privileged enough to hear, see, work with and learn from first hand. Please give my greetings to your daughters (a little younger than mine!) and get them singing and writing as well. The world needs their voices and songs to give us hope to keep going!

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