“My career is to keep life’s balance ~ educate myself at being as self-subsisting as possible, provide for myself and my family through honest labour, avoid wastefulness, remain gracious to others and thankful to a higher power. Inspired by all that, I write poetry and songs.”
~ davie wharnsby

Click the album images below for details on the recordings, to hear samples or to purchase copies. 

Abraham Jam


Acoustic Simplicitea CD Baby Art ostf_000 thepoets_000 VacuousWaxing  differentdrum bluewalls_000

EPs and Singles

PagesofHope  WelcomeToTheICEmusicversion  ShadyGrove  Twinkle  LoveStrong  TheLetter_000

Spiritual Hymns

 PICNIC-CD-COVER Hands  Sunshine RoadToMadinah ColoursOfIslam  AWhisperOfPeace

Compilation Recordings

   AledJones  Bismillah  InPraisemofTheLastProphet  ExpresionsCDcover DaysofEid  LightUponLight

Guest Appearances

 longing songs of a soul hope heatherchappell_000    ILookISee2_000 ILookISee_000  AllahKnows_000 Faith_000 Salam

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