New Website Additions Today

Dear friends,

Just a quick note to let you know about a few new website additions that are now live.   Today you will find a new song player (with a few tunes to enjoy), as well as a little more information about some of my latest projects (namely Abraham Jam and Inshallah Kids & Families).

Today you may also receive a few other notifications following this one.  Please accept my apologies for the blast of emails.  What will come next are simply a few pages about my books and music which I had to create in order to enable a “highlights” section for the new homepage.  Thanks for your patience as this ol’ Luddite works through the nuts and bolts of the new site format.

Coming in spring, I hope to add a Trading Post to the site (quite exciting!) as well as lyrics to my songs and even some guitar chords, for those of you who like pickin’ an’ a grinnin’ and a strumming’ an’ a singing’ with friends.

Peace always,

19 Comments on “New Website Additions Today

  1. Salaam Dawud, Looking forward to the lyrics and chords so my friends and i can jam along with you when we get together for our sing song and jamming sessions.🎸🎺🎷🎹🎻🎼🎶🎵🎤

  2. Salam Br. Dawud, I’ve been a longtime listener ever since I’ve been a little girl. I’m now 26 and continue to find more meaning in your lyrics today! I’m glad you are going to be sharing more with us via this website as it is wonderful to follow your journey. Looking forward to hearing more from you on this platform!

  3. Thank you for this music player and well chosen songs. You made my evening. Peace !

  4. I couldn’t access the music player , knowing me I’m doing something wrong lol.

  5. Hmmmmmmm? Not sure why it may not work in your neck of the woods. It is located at the bottom of the website to the left… you should just be able to click a song title and play. Make sure your computer volume is up…;)

  6. Lol got it eventually, jazakallah bit slow with these things ha ha. Most of my favorite songs there enjoying them. Remind me of Willowbrook.

  7. Don’t have a computer must come in a different format over my phone.

  8. As salamu alaikum dear Amina, wonderful to have you here and thank you for sharing my songs with me over the years. What a delight to visit your website to learn about the tremendous work you are doing! You go sista! Big shout out to Here’s a little something I’ve never shared before: Back in 1995 when I was pushing envelopes in my local muslim community by writing seemingly innocent spiritual songs I thought might help re-define “islam” for English speaking children… I had finished one or two tunes then thought “Children, especially young girls, should understanding the importance of sport and exercise in our lives for spiritual, physical and emotional well-being!” I started writing a rhyme intended to be presented as a “skipping song” ~ something to be sung by a group of kids turning jump-rope (You know, in the style of songs like “Miss Mary Mack-Mack-Mack, all dressed in black-black -black…” etc). My verses revolved around the hadith where The Prophet (upon whom be peace) and his wife Ayesha had a running race, resulting first in Ayesha winning the contest, then at a later time, The Prophet winning. Sadly the chant never made the “Whisper of Peace” collection you may have been brainwashed with as a kid. I would have forgotten it myself had it not been for learning about your important work. So thank you for dropping me a line! Maybe I can dig that old song out and record it after 23 years!

  9. Song request: Something from Blue Walls. The Last Tea Song? All These Pictures? I love all of the Blue songs – dear little birds in the nest of my memories.

  10. Thanks Heth! No sooner said than done. “The Sweetest Afternoon” and “The Last Tea Song” are both up on the juke-box now.

  11. Peace and blessings to all!
    How old were when you recorded this song ‘Fllow’ and when will you start writing about your spiritual journey in the meaning about new conclusions you gained these years, because it’s obvious something is changing just as with all of us with getting older etc.?

  12. “Follow” (written by my dear friend Bill Kocher) was a song he and I used to play back in the early 1990’s, when we performed as The Climba Trio. I always thought it was a simple, gem of a song. The version on the jukebox was recorded in 2003 and appeared on the albums “Vacuous Waxing” and “The Poets and The Prophet“. It has special significance to me because the recording also features guest appearances by two incredible artists who graciously accepted my invitations to record. Stephen Fearing (mandotar) has been a musical inspiration to me since I was a teenager. If I were ever to be stranded on a desert island with the songs of only one artist, I’d choose Stephen’s. James Mason is a local musical hero in my hometown and plays my favourite instrument, the oboe, like no other. As for my spiritual journey, indeed like most, it is ongoing each day. The journey, and some of my “conclusions”, have always found their way into my poems, song lyrics and blog posts over the years ~ sometimes overtly and sometimes “between the lines”. That said, if there are any specific things that you, or other folks would like to know, I’m open to answering specific questions or writing more detailed reflections.

  13. hmm 1990…so long ago…it’s interesting because it is like the words describe some inner processes I’m going through right now and probably because of it I connected my question about changes…probably is more related with me, so never mind forget it….
    Another one, this “Tea in St. Pancras station”, can you tell more about it, please and thank you.

  14. I looove,, tea In st Pancras the tune is dreamy especially the piano I close my eyes and dream away to another place and time. Takes be back to the tim of the stream train and watching through the clouds of steam on the railway platform.😝 maybe we should all meet there one day have tea and sing this song ha ha.

  15. Actually this song is so beautiful it always brings tears to eyes. Big softy lol😝

  16. Actually I also imagined myself dancing as a younger woman through those clouds of steam. And that’s actually the kind of place I could imagine eventually meeting you and your family appearing though the clouds of steam also know me Azra I’m a dreamer lol. That’s why I also write songs and poems ha ha.dream my life away keeps me sane lol.

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