New Website Additions Today

Dear friends,

Just a quick note to let you know about a few new website additions that are now live.   Today you will find a new song player (with a few tunes to enjoy), as well as a little more information about some of my latest projects (namely Abraham Jam and Inshallah Kids & Families).

Today you may also receive a few other notifications following this one.  Please accept my apologies for the blast of emails.  What will come next are simply a few pages about my books and music which I had to create in order to enable a “highlights” section for the new homepage.  Thanks for your patience as this ol’ Luddite works through the nuts and bolts of the new site format.

Coming in spring, I hope to add a Trading Post to the site (quite exciting!) as well as lyrics to my songs and even some guitar chords, for those of you who like pickin’ an’ a grinnin’ and a strumming’ an’ a singing’ with friends.

Peace always,

47 Comments on “New Website Additions Today

  1. Salaam Dawud, Looking forward to the lyrics and chords so my friends and i can jam along with you when we get together for our sing song and jamming sessions.🎸🎺🎷🎹🎻🎼🎶🎵🎤

  2. Salam Br. Dawud, I’ve been a longtime listener ever since I’ve been a little girl. I’m now 26 and continue to find more meaning in your lyrics today! I’m glad you are going to be sharing more with us via this website as it is wonderful to follow your journey. Looking forward to hearing more from you on this platform!

  3. Thank you for this music player and well chosen songs. You made my evening. Peace !

  4. I couldn’t access the music player , knowing me I’m doing something wrong lol.

  5. Hmmmmmmm? Not sure why it may not work in your neck of the woods. It is located at the bottom of the website to the left… you should just be able to click a song title and play. Make sure your computer volume is up…;)

  6. Lol got it eventually, jazakallah bit slow with these things ha ha. Most of my favorite songs there enjoying them. Remind me of Willowbrook.

  7. Don’t have a computer must come in a different format over my phone.

  8. As salamu alaikum dear Amina, wonderful to have you here and thank you for sharing my songs with me over the years. What a delight to visit your website to learn about the tremendous work you are doing! You go sista! Big shout out to Here’s a little something I’ve never shared before: Back in 1995 when I was pushing envelopes in my local muslim community by writing seemingly innocent spiritual songs I thought might help re-define “islam” for English speaking children… I had finished one or two tunes then thought “Children, especially young girls, should understanding the importance of sport and exercise in our lives for spiritual, physical and emotional well-being!” I started writing a rhyme intended to be presented as a “skipping song” ~ something to be sung by a group of kids turning jump-rope (You know, in the style of songs like “Miss Mary Mack-Mack-Mack, all dressed in black-black -black…” etc). My verses revolved around the hadith where The Prophet (upon whom be peace) and his wife Ayesha had a running race, resulting first in Ayesha winning the contest, then at a later time, The Prophet winning. Sadly the chant never made the “Whisper of Peace” collection you may have been brainwashed with as a kid. I would have forgotten it myself had it not been for learning about your important work. So thank you for dropping me a line! Maybe I can dig that old song out and record it after 23 years!

  9. Song request: Something from Blue Walls. The Last Tea Song? All These Pictures? I love all of the Blue songs – dear little birds in the nest of my memories.

  10. Thanks Heth! No sooner said than done. “The Sweetest Afternoon” and “The Last Tea Song” are both up on the juke-box now.

  11. Peace and blessings to all!
    How old were when you recorded this song ‘Fllow’ and when will you start writing about your spiritual journey in the meaning about new conclusions you gained these years, because it’s obvious something is changing just as with all of us with getting older etc.?

  12. “Follow” (written by my dear friend Bill Kocher) was a song he and I used to play back in the early 1990’s, when we performed as The Climba Trio. I always thought it was a simple, gem of a song. The version on the jukebox was recorded in 2003 and appeared on the albums “Vacuous Waxing” and “The Poets and The Prophet“. It has special significance to me because the recording also features guest appearances by two incredible artists who graciously accepted my invitations to record. Stephen Fearing (mandotar) has been a musical inspiration to me since I was a teenager. If I were ever to be stranded on a desert island with the songs of only one artist, I’d choose Stephen’s. James Mason is a local musical hero in my hometown and plays my favourite instrument, the oboe, like no other. As for my spiritual journey, indeed like most, it is ongoing each day. The journey, and some of my “conclusions”, have always found their way into my poems, song lyrics and blog posts over the years ~ sometimes overtly and sometimes “between the lines”. That said, if there are any specific things that you, or other folks would like to know, I’m open to answering specific questions or writing more detailed reflections.

  13. hmm 1990…so long ago…it’s interesting because it is like the words describe some inner processes I’m going through right now and probably because of it I connected my question about changes…probably is more related with me, so never mind forget it….
    Another one, this “Tea in St. Pancras station”, can you tell more about it, please and thank you.

  14. I looove,, tea In st Pancras the tune is dreamy especially the piano I close my eyes and dream away to another place and time. Takes be back to the tim of the stream train and watching through the clouds of steam on the railway platform.😝 maybe we should all meet there one day have tea and sing this song ha ha.

  15. Actually this song is so beautiful it always brings tears to eyes. Big softy lol😝

  16. Actually I also imagined myself dancing as a younger woman through those clouds of steam. And that’s actually the kind of place I could imagine eventually meeting you and your family appearing though the clouds of steam also know me Azra I’m a dreamer lol. That’s why I also write songs and poems ha ha.dream my life away keeps me sane lol.

  17. Ah, Lisa! How lovely that the song paints such an image for you! You are not far off from the scene that initially inspired the song… anyone who has passed through St Pancras Station in London knows of the Victorian era “romance” it holds. We have Idris Phillips to thank for his lovely idea of creating a percussion arrangement suggesting a train’s rhythm and clanging steel reminiscent of sounds one might hear in a train-yard or station.

  18. Happy that “Follow” seems to connect with you these days. Hoping your life’s changes, and the process you are working through, help you grow toward deeper contentment. As for “Tea in St Pancras”: It was written way back in about 1998 when I was a much younger fellow. A friend had sweetly expressed interest in introducing me to someone she knew in England. As with many more “traditional” faith communities, friends and family members often seek to help single folks meet ~ with hopes that such introductions may lead onward to romantic, matrimonial bliss. The approach may seem archaic in our times of Tinder and Texting, but I am still a strong proponent of old fashioned, mentored, platonic courtships. Anyway, at the time, it so happened that I had planned a trip to visit my sister in England for several weeks and, with nervousness, agreed to an arranged meeting. My busy travel schedule, and the young lady’s busy professional schedule, left us with only a brief hour or so to meet at a central London location. We scheduled tea at St. Pancras Station. Though it wasn’t a high-end Victorian style tea-room (it was just a bustling lunch cafe), our afternoon of nervous discussion was still a land-mark in my life. The conversation provided us both with fodder for deeper individual thought and personal reflection. We went our separate ways, but maintained a unique friendship. The young lady quickly became a friend to my sister, and a mentor on her spiritual path as well. The song “Tea In St Pancras” was my way of honouring that lovely afternoon ~ a meeting of two people initiated by a mutual friend for one purpose, that fulfilled other destinies no one could have imagined! Oh if only we could all “remove our armour and take off our disguises”more often, to be honest individuals wearing our hearts on our sleeves with confidence! If we can be brave enough to do that, the future truly opens up for us! “The air is clearing…There’s no more fearing.”

  19. My oldest son is studying film, media, photography etc at college ,I have challenged him one day to do a short film for me.
    Listen to the song, close your eyes and dream with me.
    Picture the scene:
    an elderly couple of times gone by are sitting having tea and cake on an empty platform, reminicing of the their past. A steam train rolls in to the station the passengers disembark and vacate the platform .suddenly a cloud of smoke engulfs the elderly couple and when the smoke disappears a young couple the woman with a blue ribbon in her hair ,stand up from the table and proceed to dance a beautiful dance within clouds of smoke and rain trickling down in the distance beyond the covered platform. Time ticking by on the old Victorian clock. Unaware of anything else
    Going on around them. Engrossed in their beautiful dance , as the song draws near it’s end. The young gentleman places delicately the beautiful young woman on the entrance to one of the carriages they both wave goodbye with the saddest look in their eyes as yet again a big cloud of smoke engulfs them. the train rolls off and the young woman is no longer there and neither is the young man. As the smoke disappears you see the elderly couple walking hand in hand off into the distance, the elderly lady with a blue ribbon in her bonnet.

    Have a beautiful dreamy day ye all and dream your cares away. 🙂

  20. Thank you to the sky and back you shared this cute story with us. In times when virtual and all other spaces are filled with ‘my life is perfect and I’ m soo special’ approach, these sincere and sweet patches make me delighted like anything else. I hope you don’t mind I’ll continue to ask for some more verses because I listen your music quite often and it’s pure pleasure discovering worlds inside your songs. Now, before further discussion if somebody tells me what means Shady grove I will be thankful

  21. Hello , Mr Tea at St Pancras, Toqeer trying to get a hold of you , think he’s trying to get a tour together.

  22. Assalamu alaikoum Dawud I pray that you are all well I have a wee song request on your juke box if your still looking for them. One of yours I sing round the campfire , the Truth that lies inside and one I would sing if I played it better lol, Wood and nails. don’t know if you got my other message or not but few people you know are trying to organise a tour here and are looking to book you incha Allah.

  23. I do trust all of the ideas you’ve introduced for your post.
    They are really convincing and will definitely
    work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for newbies.

    Could you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

  24. Wa alaikum as salam dear Lisa, hoping you and the family are well. Thank you for the requests. I will try to get them up on the Juke Box shortly.

  25. A message did indeed come through from a fellow who assists me with bookings from time to time, mentioning Taqeer’s idea. My apologies, I’ve been quite backlogged lately and am not sure if the invite was followed up with or not. Unfortunately, at this time, I have decided to take a hiatus from live performances for a little while ~ with the exception of my shows with Abraham Jam and one or two solo events I am already committed to. Will write in more detail about why shortly, but that’s the scoop. It would be so good to see you all again in UK…and God willing, that will indeed happen…sooner than later I hope.

  26. Thanks Les. Indeed, I will try to write longer articles and posts, as I used to when this site first began. Others, like you have requested them as well. At the moment, I have lots of ideas, but just not enough time to sit and write!

  27. Jazakallah my friend for the songs only when you’ve got the time though eh no rush. It’s nice to hear from you. Jamming already with you and Raef can’t stop watching you both having fun makes me smile ,pray we all see you soon we miss you you know everyone always asking for you kindly and when you’ll visit. Take care don’t dissapear for too long from the hive lol🐝buzz buzz.🎻🎸🎶🎼

  28. Salaam Dawud is it that time of the year when you sit in your den with a cocoa listening to Laura? I’m sorry I’ve forgotten her name . You could post her music here and we could listen too 🙂 I’m hooked join your song with read think that’s gonna be a campfire number this year 😝

  29. Raef (predictive text does my head in sometimes)

  30. Salams Lisa! Ah yes, cocoa with Laura Nyro. It is silly perhaps, but I have always enjoyed certain music at certain seasons…as well as certain beverages. Cocoa and Laura go together best for me in December. Round this time of the year, I usually tea with Natalie Merchant, or tisane with Clannad. Here are some favourites to share:
    Laura Nyro “Mother’s Spiritual” (One of two songs she wrote that inspired me to write “Sing Children of The World”.
    Natalie Merchant “Verdie Cries”
    Clannad “Mo Mháire”, “dTigeas A Damhsa”, “Siúil A Rún” of a few of my favourites

  31. It’s not silly,I get it. It’s just your thing Masha Allah . My thing at the moment is jamming along to Simon and garfunkle , lady gagas ballads from a star is born and Lisa’s songs lol😝. Thanks for the links will listen tonight when I settle down to chill maybe I’ll even try jamming along with them.

  32. Ok I know nobody asked 😁 but these days at our place 24/7 is Bohamian raphsody and few other old hits of Queen. I don’t know whats going on, but kids are hooked and when they finally shut up I found myself on youtube listening Living on my own or something silly as that. But honestly hope it will not become every year tradition and I’ll settle down with some deeper verses than Dee do de de. To the next messaging big salam my friends 🤗

  33. I’ve been listening to your inspirational songs for two decades and continue to do so and with my children! May you, brother, continued to inspire and be inspired, ameen!

  34. Dear Omar, greetings of peace and thank you for taking the time to drop a short note with such sweet sentiments. These days, alongside my work with Abraham Jam, I am actively writing and recording dozens of new songs for children. They should be released later this year in conjunction with the re-boot of the popular 1990s video series Adam’s World, which will now be available to families as an App. A few new books are also in the pipeline ~ with accompanying songs of course! Please keep my family and I in your thoughts/prayers and pass my greetings to your young ones.

  35. Masha Allah your keeping very busy, looking forward to hearing and learning all your children’s songs, that I can sing round the campfire Incha Allah.

  36. Assalamu alaikoum Dawud pray that you and your family are all well. You’ve gone A bit quiet hope your okay and just very busy .we’re all waiting in eagerness to hear the next part of your life story from 1995 upwards.Incha Allah.

  37. Peace my friend, thanks for checking in. Sorry to have let so much time pass between posts. The next section of the timeline covers a very pivotal period of my life and has been taking longer than planned to prepare (lots of links and uploads to compile and edit). 1996-2001 were pretty heavy years for me ~ where most of the work some folks still remember me for was all written, recorded and released. To me, those brief six years seem so far away ~ especially since I feel so different now, than I did in those days!

  38. Nice to know your okay and doing fine alhamdulillah. Dawud would you mind if I shared a poem here with you and friends? I had some sad news yesterday of a homeless friend that died unexpectedly out in the cold and felt really sad that I couldn’t have helped him more. I wrote a poem for him last year when someone threw money at him from 2 metres away and it really hurt me that they felt he was so low they couldn’t put the money in his hand show him a bit of love go near to him and treat him like a fellow human. .

  39. So very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend Lisa. Please do share your poem with us all ~ with hope that it may motivate us toward greater love, compassion, empathy and positive social action within our own communities.

  40. Ameen and jazakallah for letting me share,
    we sure do need a lot more love in this world.

    The Homeless Ones Poem

    Thanks ever so much for your helpful donation, it shows  we’re still part of the same creation.
    But do me a favour if you’d be so kind,don’t throw it at me it upsets my friends mind.

    You see she understands that you and me, have lot in common would you care to see.
    Right now times are hard and I ain’t got much money , can’t get a job either it’s really not funny.

    Years ago I was young and life wasn’t so strained but now I am older my energy’s drained. Won’t bother you now most have been through the same marriage, kids and a mortgage life sure is no game.

    Let’s just say my life fell completely to bits getting back together I’ve gone through the pits. But I’m getting there slowly and with your kind smile you make my life better and things seem worthwhile.

    So next time you pass me and bring me some cheer come closer near by me there’s no need to fear. I’ll pray that He keeps you far from my fate can you pray for me too  that He opens a gate.

    Thank you and keep smiling it’s a CHARITY you know

  41. Plenty more where they came from Dawud. One day maybe I’ll do my book, Incha Allah.

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