Abraham Jam on Tri 2 Connect

New episode of Tri 2 Connect, featuring Abraham Jam!

This past October, my brothers Billy, David and I were honoured to share our stories and songs at Sing Fires of Justice in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Presented annually by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Music and Martin Luther University College, this year’s Sing Fires of Justice program included several engaging and interactive events led by our Abraham Jam trio.   We tried our best to foster discussions on community bridge-building and get people singing wherever we went.  Collaborating with local musicians and choirs was an incredible experience for us and I was personally very excited to have Billy and David visit my hometown and local community for the first time.

A video crew from Conestoga College’s Trio 2 Connect program accompanied us to all of our events ~ capturing wonderful footage of our gatherings and recording insightful interviews with my dear friends (and event organizers) Lee Willingham and Debbie Lou Ludolph.   Enjoy the final edit by clicking the image below!

One Comment on “Abraham Jam on Tri 2 Connect

  1. Greetings of peace! Great to see you collaborating with other artists and doing so much with Abraham Jam. Always championing multi-faith, open-minded work through the power of song- unifying communities. I can’t remember if I left you a note last summer. Hope you are well! Wishing for spring sunshine to emerge. It has been a very long, cold winter. I pray you have a peaceful year ahead and find time to come across the pond sometime. We miss you in London! I’m trying to do much more with my poetry these days. Love to you and your family- Zahra

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