Cambridge Muslim College ~ Poetry and Song

United Kingdom’s Cambridge Muslim College presents a special Ramadan video series entitled “Arts, Culture and History: Lessons From Our Islamic Heritage” hosted by Dr. Amina Nawaz.  Join Dr. Nawaz in her discussion with Dawud on the topic of “Poetry and Song”.  Watch interview here.

3 Comments on “Cambridge Muslim College ~ Poetry and Song

  1. Masha Allah Dawud what a beautiful interview you gave me a mention as well and you are very kind to say so nice things about my songs 😊. One day I’ll get them out there incha Allah in one form or another (I have a couple of new ideas the most recent idea being an audiobook) as I’m sure so many people will be able to relate to the words within them in their own different ways and if the words should bring comfort to Someone to know that they are not on their own in their trials or tribulations. Or if they bring a smile to someone’s face adult or child and makes them happy then my job is done. Incha Allah.

  2. If Dawud Wharnsby is featuring, then it definitely will be didactic 💪🙏 All the best from your old friend from Nigeria🇳🇬. Ramadan Kareem to y’all🙏

  3. Masha Allah Dawud bhai – a lovely interview! looking forward to restrictions lifting and the opportunity to jam with you in Waterloo or Brampton Shareef.. love and prayers from Mississauga… faisal…