Full Circle: the NC Council of Churches hosts Abraham Jam

The first concert that Abraham Jam ever performed was under the auspices of the North Carolina Council of Churches. David LaMotte was working there as their Peace and Justice program staffer, and they came up with the idea of this concert in conjunction with Muslim, Christian, and Jewish student groups on the various campuses near there. The students picked the artists, so the musicians — Dawud Wharnsby, David LaMotte, and Dan Nichols— had never met each other before. Ten years later, Dan has handed off to Billy Jonas, and Abraham Jam became a band, with two albums and a film!

Now the NCCC, where it all began, has invited us back for an online screening of the 18-minute documentary, Braided Prayer, created by John Kennedy and David Saich. The film has now screened at five film festivals on three continents, and the band is excited to start touring again, post-pandemic. Here’s the trailer for the film.

Please join us on Tuesday night March 9th, 2021 for a screening of Braided Prayer and a live interview with the band, hosted by the Council’s own Vanna Fox. The event is free, online on Crowdcast, and will include some conversation, some giveaways, audience questions, and even a live song. We hope you can join us! – and please spread the word to friends who might enjoy it, too, by sharing this link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/85zwflze

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