Sing Fires of Justice: Still@Home

Over the past eight years, it has been my pleasure to voluntarily serve on the organizing committee for Sing Fires of Justice.   SFOJ is an annual festival of music and words, designed to raise awareness and support for social justice.  The multi-faith program is presented by the Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song at Martin Luther University College and Laurier Centre for Music in the Community.  We gather each year with several hundred participants to acknowledge, reflect upon, pray for and “sing in to” the collective hope and action toward better justice in our communities.  Tomorrow will be a special Spring Sing Fires program entitled Still@Home, addressing homelessness in our neighbourhoods on the one year anniversary of a pandemic requiring us to all “stay at home”.

Join us virtually March 21, 2021 at 7 pm by registering at the link below:

Event Link:  |  Meeting ID: 957 2563 4618   |    Passcode: 777141

Learn more about Sing Fires of Justice at the SFOJ website here.

6 Comments on “Sing Fires of Justice: Still@Home

  1. Salams Brother Dawud
    How are you?
    My children and I, would have liked to join this event but I think it will be 11pm in the UK – so will be difficult.

    I hope it goes well
    Best wishes
    Fauzia Khan

  2. Wa alaikum as salam dear Fauzia and family, thank you for your desire to participate! No problem about the time difference. The program will be archived on-line for future viewing. You may also watch the October 2020 Sing Fires of Justice program on line here: Keep singing and working for peace and justice in your own local community and know that you are not alone in the effort!

  3. Salams to you my big bro. Its been agaes and have missed you so much. Happy to always connect with you here. I will gladly attend the virtual event (Think it will 12 midnight here in Nigeria).
    Meanwhile, I am still recording songs that are dear to me as a result of the impact of your songs over the decades, much grateful. One day, one day for sure, I will get to see you bro. Regards to your amazing family
    Husayn Zaguru
    Your evergreen Fan/Mentee

  4. Peace my brother, always so lovely to hear from you. Hard to believe that it has been so many years since you first contacted me to share your own songs with me. (Yes ~ I still have each and every letter.) And it is even harder to believe that we have not yet met face to face for a sing-a-long! One day, insha Allah! And oh what a day that will be! Keep up the wonderful work my brother.

  5. Thank you so much. I earnestly will get in touch with you with regards my upcoming projects. I look forward to that and peace be with you always.

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