Meet Yarrow Mamout

Greetings of peace dear friends!

In September of last year, I was welcomed aboard the production team of Muslim Network Television, serving as an audio producer, script editor and occasional segment host.  To get an idea of what we are up to, please enjoy this brief mini-doc on a fascinating fellow named Yarrow Mamout and the new American Mosque named after him.

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5 Comments on “Meet Yarrow Mamout

  1. Beautiful story and nice having you back even for short video clip time. Hope you’ll continue bringing good stories like this. Salaams!

  2. Assalamu aleikum Dawud,

    Eid Mubarak!

    Sorry that my message doesn’t relate the article.

    I wanted to share good news – My mother (Maja) who has dementia and became bed-ridden during Covid, has taken up the challenge of a sponsored walk (a very slow one!) in aid of mosque/community centre we hope to establish inshaAllah. Only six months ago we weren’t sure if she would walk again with her leg ulcers. It’s really given her something to focus on and people across all communities have been so positive, it has lifted everyone’s mood.

    Here’s the link with more details:

    Peace/Salaam always!!


  3. We miss receiving regular posts from you brother. I especially miss your blogs about the things that you and your family used to get up to every once in a while. Good to hear from you! Wa Salaams!

  4. Salam alaykoum wa rahmatoullah,
    I m Malika : MT in you tube.
    I sent you a comment there to ask you about using one of your beautiful song for a school programm for french Muslim kids.
    Of course, as you said, you can’t let your mail publicly and answer to everybody.
    And I did not see that we can post comment here, i would did it directly if i knew !
    Anyhow, as you asked me, i send you a message here so you can have my email adress.
    Thanks a lot for replying me and sorry for my english

  5. As salamu alikaum dear sister Malika, just dropped a note to you. Thank you for being in touch. Peace,