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Year End Update 2 of 7: December Music, Cocoa and Laura Nyro

220px-New_York_Tendaberry  Christmasandthebeadsofsweat

Two old poems for this deep December evening: both written back in 1993 during my early twenties and both dedicated to artist Laura Nyro (1947-1997).    Here albums “New York Tendaberry” (1969) and “Christmas and The Beads of Sweat” (1970) are two of my favourite late night choices for music to enjoy in December.   Here is a link to “Christmas and The Beads of Sweat” for you to sample, along with these poems inspired by it.   (Incidentally, “Cocoa and Laura” also serves as a poetic recipe for my usual winter evening drink, which I suggest you prepare before you taste the linked music.)

December Music  
by d.wharnsby

Darkened, dreaming jaunts
through crowded December Streets.
A black world behind office tower lights.
Disoriented, running, aching,
cold in the snow;
drinking and dining,
called home by the sound of her piano.

Haunting me near
this time of year,
running scales through my mind.
The  whispered thoughts I hear.
Cold and sweet.

Train from the Radiant City,
watching the night rise.
In the bus window, my reflection with
her words across my eyes.

In the darkness, downward into sleep.
Above the icing sugar street,
breathing quietly in my ear,
her whispers make me weep.

Cocoa and Laura
by d.wharnsby

Two teaspoons of sweetness,
two of powdered chocolate ~ chestnut brown,
a pinch of nutmeg ~ to bring the pictures around,
Snow in cinnamon ~ to give the edge.
Bring the milk to a boil.

And when dark December is quiet,
and when white sugar sprinkles past the street lamps,
enjoy cocoa and Laura together ~
filling your mouth, your mind, your meaning ~
Bring the music to a boil.

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