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Flower Pressing

A gift card made for me by my three year old daughter and my wife using dried/pressed flowers.

For as long as I have known her, my wife has been picking wild flowers to bring home, press and dry for future use.  Now we’ve got our daughter in on the hobby.

We try to help our daughter understand that, if she is to pick wild flowers or plants, it should be for the purpose of preserving and spreading their beauty, not just destroying them because she is stronger than they are.  While out on hikes, my daughter frequently collects leaves and flowers, bringing them to me for pressing between the pages of my journal (which I carry most places), to keep safe therein for later adornment to cards and crafts.

It has always been my policy to personally answer all of the snail-mail I receive (Sometimes that takes me a while, but I do my best.)    For many years I have used pre-printed letter head, but beginning this year I plan on using my own hand-made gift cards.  Some will be adorned with pressed flowers and some may feature my original photography (as seen on my website and the headers of this blog).

Maybe I’ll even put my daughter to work collecting the flowers to press. 😉

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