Wallpaper of The Wallflower’s Words

Though I am not quite sure how these sorts of things happen on the internet, some little elf (or computer generated algorithm designed by an elf) has sifted though decades of my song lyrics, selecting quotes to create some lovely desktop images. Nothing is really ever truly original ~ my words are just puzzle pieces reconfigured from those of mentors, poets, songsmiths, friends and elders who have inspired me along life’s journey. But it is an honour to be a part of the ongoing circle of transmission that comes along with being of the pen wielding guild. Songwriters are sort of like gardeners: no vegetable is original, but each season a tiller cultivates whatever fresh veggies they can with their hoe and hope that others of their day will enjoy a good salad.   Check out the desktop wallpapers here.

Categories: Personal Philosophy, Poetry

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