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Prologue to Year End Up-dates

Mountain Ash berries
As is obvious by my infrequently posted articles and  poetry ~ trying to live a “Simple Life” is not always conducive to modern day trends of social media.  When one is absorbed with keeping balance between the theoretical aspects of a vocation and the tactile implementation of it  ~  there is often little time between the two extremes for blogging about the experience.

Sharing notes with others also interested in the tasks  of sewing, re-purposing household items, beekeeping, gardening and rain-harvesting…or propagating the philosophies of a poet/musician with Luddite tendencies and a DIY approach to recording, have proven to be quite an ongoing challenge for me throughout 2013.   During these past two years, I have found that my only time to journal is feverishly snatched during weekend air travel to various North American cities for musical events (when, that is,  I don’t fall asleep on the plane from over exhaustion between gates!).   Off the road, back at my little house in Ontario, the tasks of homeschooling and general household chores have been making it nearly impossible to record either my newest music or my observations of life to share on this site.

That said ~ subscriptions to both this blog and my Facebook Page have been steadily increasing during the last twelve months, without any paid promotion on my part…and for that, I am most grateful to all of you who take interest in my quirky world and the songs it inspires in me.

One consistent surprise to me over the last year of travel has been meeting so many individuals ~ at almost ever venue ~ who comment to me: “Please keep up with your blog!”     It seems that I am not alone in seeking a way of life that has me better in touch with my local community, my earth and a more heartfelt approach to artistic expression.   More and more people I meet are tired of simply being consumers of food, possessions, films and auto-tuned pop stars…we are driven to be producers of vegetables, builders of our own beautiful environments and writers of our own stories, songs and futures.

As my musical tours for the year have concluded, I am visiting family in lovely Denver Colorado at the moment ~ with time on my hands to catch up a little on a mountain of accumulated tasks.  Backlogged correspondence (yes, I am still making an effort to follow up with all my cards, letters and emails personally…some embarrassingly dating back to 2012!), prep for my upcoming recording sessions and even some long overdue relaxation through reading, hiking and guitar picking.

Upon my list of things to do in these days before 2104 arrives, is to share with you (my supportive subscribers and newcomers alike) a series of 6 or 7 brief posts over the next 12 days.  As they help me reflect personally on my past year I hope they will also catch you visitors here up to speed with my ongoing creative work and adventures in trying to further simplify my life.

– Davie
Denver, Colorado

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