community music

Dawud is a frequent collaborator with the Inshallah Singers and co-leader of Inshallah Kids & Families, community-music projects focusing on songs of peace and justice.

The Inshallah singers are a group of more than 130 voices, singing songs of praise, prayer, joy and lament, from around the world. Inshallah provides a fun and welcoming space where multi-faith and multicultural diversity are explored through music at rehearsals, public gatherings and workshops.

Inshallah Kids & Families is a multi-faith, multicultural, family choir imagined from the Inshallah adult choir, and initiated to provide an opportunity for interested families to sing and learn together. Inshallah Kids & Families, formed in the fall of 2016, under the direction and collaboration of Inshallah members Kelly Kirkham, Dawud Wharnsby and Ruth-Anne Hamel.  Participants may range in age from 2 to 122.

Martin Luther University College (formerly Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) funds both Inshallah and Inshallah Kids & Families, which fall under the mentorship of Debbie Lou Ludolph, the director of the school’s Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song, with the help of a volunteer advisory committee.

Inshallah recordings are available online here or at events where Inshallah share their songs.

The Sing the Circle Wide songbook (left) is available online here.

Songs and Prayers to Share is a booklet that collects some of the songs that have been generated through the Inshallah experience and the Kanata Centre. To request a PDF copy of this music resource, contact Debbie Lou Ludolph at

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