Thank you for your interest in contacting me.

Most folks find it hard to believe, but I do not own a cell phone or any sort of hand-head digital device (iPhone, iPad etc) and I limit my use of computer to specific research projects, audio production and basic word-processing.  Therefore,  I do not use email or text messaging for correspondence, preferring to follow up with all personal messages by letter or post card.

In our times, I realize that the act of sending cards or letters through the post seems archaic to most people!   To me, however, the traditional means of written communication is very important on many levels.   Each note I have ever received remains a treasured keepsake to me and, for as long as global postal service exists in our world, I will always do my best to keep in touch with those of you who take the time to write me your thoughts or questions.

To connect with me directly, please write to the address below.


Dawud Wharnsby,
c/o 525 Highland Road West, Suite 373,
Kitchener, Ontario
N2M 5P4