Abraham Jam
A Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian walk into a concert hall. . .treating the audience to an inspiring night of song, story, and laughter.  My friends Billy JonasDavid LaMotte and I believe that, harmony is even better than unity.


Sound Vision Foundation
Non-profit organization building bridges of community understanding through public relations and media.  Supporters and distributors of my spiritual anasheed for over 25 years.


Kube Publishing
Publisher and distributor of my books A Whisper of Peace, A Picnic of Poems, Colours of Islam and For Whom The Troubadour Sings.


Al-Imtiaz Academy

School founded in 1986 by my wife’s grandmother Begum Imtiaz Nawaz, located in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  Encompassing three campuses (junior school / girls high school / boys high school) the academy accommodates approximately 1000 students.