EP’s and Singles

PagesofHopePages of Hope (single)

Released: 2010  |  Dawud, with Lines of Faith (Daniel Raphael Silverstein & Mohammed Yahya)



WelcomeToTheICEmusicversionWelcome To The I.C.E. (single)

Released: 2010



ShadyGroveShady Grove (single)

Released: 2010



He Who Seeks (Nihavend ilahi) (single)

Released: 2011



TwinkleTwinkle, Twinkle (single)

Released: 2010



LoveStrongLove Strong (EP)

Released: 2004  |  Dawud with Bill Kocher
Includes: “Love Strong” (studio version), “Prophet For Profit” (Studio Version) and “”Prophet For Profit” (live acoustic version)


TheLetter_000The Letter ~ Songs of Struggle and Hope (EP)

Released: 1999
Includes: “Dear People of Kosovo”, “The Letter”, “Burim” and others.