The Inner Core of Lahore

…and so our hero finds himself out of his element ~ far from the tranquil hills of Abbottabad and the familiar songs of birds, goats and rain on his terrace ~ in a hotel of downtown Lahore.  Romantic and frantic, but not quite the night-life he is used to…or one he feels very comfortable in.

Alas – musical work calls me from my nest a few times each year.  Like Thoreau selling beans in town to acquire the necessary currency for various things he needed at his cabin, I too must “sell my anguish” (as Leonard Cohen once referred to the poet’s marketing of their writings) to meet needs for certain things I am unable to personally provide for my family and I.  And with my garden now pretty well completely in the bellies of hungry snails, it looks like we’ll be grateful for our local vegetable market well into autumn.

It is not that my work involving music is painful or distasteful to me ~ naturally I adore song and the honour of sharing it with other musicians and audiences.   It is simply that, the music business sometimes places me in environments and circumstances which are often out of my personal comfort zone (for a whole host of reasons which I won’t go into here.)    I am a pretty introverted home-body and not the type who manages well emotionally with fast-paced, highly social and often competitive atmospheres.  An old Richie Havens tune “Simple Things” comes to mind.

In any event – never let it be said that I was not open-minded or unable to make a fun adventure out of any circumstance.   My guitar and I are here for a day to meet and collaborate with some very wonderful artists who have already humbled us with their talents and their gracious invitation to join them on a song.

Last night I re-strung my guitar and once again pondered how I could re-use my old guitar strings in some way.   Refreshing the steel and nylon guitar strings several times each year on multiple instruments (guitars, banjos, mandolins etc) has left me with a box load of old and broken strings which I know must be useful around the house in some other way.

If anybody has any ideas, please do post them!

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