In The Nook ~ New Video Tutorials

After years of requests, I will now be uploading a series to Youtube called “In The Nook”.   The short and informal video tutorials will help teach basic chord progressions for my songs to those of you who’ve taken up the guitar.   Episode 1 is now on-line with the song “The Truth That Lies Inside”…filmed this morning before I went out to rake the lawn and do some April yard clean-up.

Pick up your guitar and please click the image below to listen, view and pick-along.

In The Nook ep 1

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Pete Seeger, May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014

“Well, I’ve got a hammer and I’ve got a bell,
and I’ve got a song to sing all over this land.
It’s the hammer of justice.  It’s the bell of freedom.
It’s a song about love between my brothers and my sisters, all over this land.”

~ Pete Seeger & Lee Hays

Pete 2013

Click above image to hear Pete Seeger sing “Forever Young”.

Read my memories of meeting Mr. Seeger just three months ago at his home in Beacon, New York in an article entitled “Pumpkin Pie and Two Hours With Pete”.

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Year End Update 7 of 7: Scribble Drawings

Parents, teachers or youngsters looking for a simple art project to pass the time or inspire creativity this New Year’s Eve, here is one my eldest daughter and I have been enjoying for the past few weeks.

We call it Scribble Art and find it challenging, fun and sometimes even funny.

We each take a piece of scrap, doodle paper and a writing utensil.  The craft works best if each person has a different colour pencil or crayon, or if one person uses a pen and the other uses a pencil.

Each artist tosses a very basic “scribble” on their page, then papers are exchanged.   The artists creatively add lines or shade portions to create some sort of picture out of the scribble before them.  The creativity gets even more intense when each artist is given a time limit on the doodle they make out of the scribble they are given.

Here are some examples of my doodles (in pencil) built upon my daughter’s scribbles (in red ink).

Dawud Doodles 2Dawud Doodles 3 Dawud Doodles 1

Here are examples of my daughter’s doodle art (in red ink) built upon my scribbles (in pencil).  Can you spot the bird, snails, rabbit, person, inch-worm, hat and dinosaur?

MW Doodles 1 MW Doodles 2

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