Spring Simplicitea Sale

As part of my ongoing effort to simplify my life ~ I am having a Spring Simplicitea Sale during the next month of June 2015.  Items from my studio will be posted here for sale or auction, with all proceeds going toward the Al Imtiaz Academy, a school in Pakistan overseen by our family.

To bid on “Auction Items”, just email with the item number, your name and bid.  After 10 days from posting, the highest bidder will win.

For “Sale” items, just email me and we and we will work out payment via check, money order or Paypal.

Shipping costs will be charged on-top of all final sale amounts.

Enjoy the memorabilia, thanks for helping me de-clutter my studio and most importantly ~ thank you for helping my family and I support the school and its students we love so much.

 – davie

Auction Item #001 ~ Martin Backpacker Guitar


Solid Spruce top, tonewood sides/back and hardwood neck, the Backpacker is a unique guitar made my Martin & Co.

The one I am selling was purchased in the UK back in June 2014 when I was on the road with my friend Zain Bhikha.  We wanted a small guitar to accompany us in the tour van.   Having always wanted a Backpacker, I picked one up at a music shop somewhere in England ~ but realized once home, that I had just committed a heinous “act of excess” and did not really need the instrument.  It served me well on two UK Tours and serenaded my family at many back-garden fire-pit sing-a-longs, but it needs a proper home.   I named the guitar Audrey (after dear Audrey Hepburn) for its slender, boney beauty.   She comes with a generic, black nylon acoustic guitar case, but not a custom Backpacker case.   I am also happy to send along pictures of Audrey and I performing live, to whomever acquires her.

Bidding Started May 27th, 2015 at:  $200.00  CDN

To bid, email: enterintopeace@gmail.com with name and bid amount. 

sold-sign Sale Item $25.00 CDN ~  Korg DT-10 Foot Controlled Guitar Tuner


Uses a 9V battery.   Run a line from your guitar pick-up to the tuner, then from the tuner to your DI box during stage shows.   Between songs, kick the switch and your guitar sound is muted to the audience so you can re-tune.   Purchased back in 2004, this sturdy, metal tuner was toted around with me for a few years of live shows, until 2011 when I  decided to go 100% acoustic for all my live gigs.   Tuning by ear (or using a basic pitch fork) was how I learned back in the day, and returning to that simplicity, lightened my gear load and saves on batteries.

sold-sign Sale Item $20.00 CDN ~ Nylon Gig Bag


Hardly used.  Fits most standard sized acoustic guitars and dreadnought style guitar bodies.   Two straps on the back to carry like a nap-sack, one side handle to carry like a suitcase and one pocket up front for gear.

sold-sign Sale Item $5.00 CDN ~ Laurel & Hardy figures (8″ each)


Anyone who really knows me, knows of my love of Laurel & Hardy since childhood.    In 2006, while recording my “Out Seeing The Fields” CD in California, co-producer Idris Phillips took me to a movie memorabilia shop in Hollywood where I bought these little figures of my heroes.  Stan and Ollie sat near my lap-top during the entire production time, watching me edit vocals and keeping me smiling.   I think they are supposed to be cake decorations or something?   From my studio to your next birthday cake ~ just another couple of toys I no longer need in my studio.

sold-sign Sale Item $20.00 ~ Retro Super 8mm Movie Film Camera and Case (circa 1972)


Chinon 723 Power Zoom – Classic Super 8mm movie film camera.   (Artists who use retro film equipment or camera collectors may read more about it here)  My friend sold me this camera back in 1987, during the peak of our teenaged film making years.  We made several short films and home-movies with it during the days when Beta and VHS home video machinery were too new and too expensive for us.   Back then, we could still buy Super 8mm film at the grocery store!     Skip ahead to 2007 ~ I found a film stock supplier in California and filmed my “Out Seeing The Fields” video with this camera.  Everybody was asking me why I didn’t make “music videos” to promote my songs, while many of my musical peers were making videos costing tens of thousands of dollars.   With an earthquake in Pakistan in 2006 taking the lives  of over 87,000 people, I just could justify putting money into PR clips for Youtube.  So, to make a point (and get folks off my back) I spend about $100 on film stock, took a walk in the Colorado foothills with Idris Phillips and shot footage for  “Out Seeing The Fields.  Flash and cash are just not my style ~ I am much more of a “Flicker and Wicker” fellow.   If you can get film for this camera, and have a projector to watch those films ~ have fun!    Otherwise, it might make a nice bookshelf conversation piece.

CD collections, studio equipment, books, instruments, posters ~ more to come each day!

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