Solo Albums

Acoustic Simplicitea CD Baby ArtAcoustic Simplicitea

Released: 2014  |  Some of Dawud’s most requested songs, re-recorded live in studio.
Includes: “Bismillah”, “Antisocialsong”, “Wood and Nails”, “Sing, Children of The World”, “The Beautiful Story of Yusuf”, “The Veil”, “Ya Ummati”, “The Letter”, “Rhythm of Surrender”, “Why Are The Drums So Silent”, “About Muhammad”, “The People of The Boxes”, “Midnight”, “Everyday”, “Truth That Lies Inside”, “Hold The Stage”, “Dear Mr. Crow”, “Dear God”, “Live Life Like A Traveller” and “I Just Wanna To Sing”

ostf_000Out Seeing The Fields

Released: 2007  |  Dawud (featuring Idris Phillips, Maimouna Yusuf)
Includes: “Out Seeing The Fields”, “Bells of Morning”, “No Time For Rhyme”, “What’s The Matter Here”, “Tea In St. Pancras Station”, “The War (La Ilaha Il Allah)”, “For You In Fez”, “Hold The Stage”, “Let It Go”, “The Truth That Lies Inside”, “Rachel” and “Eight Years Old”


thepoets_000The Poets and The Prophet

Released: 2006  |  International re-issue of “Vacuous Waxing”
Includes: “You Are The Only One”, “Everyday”, “The Prophet”, “Love Strong”, “Midnight”, “Block”, “The Poets”, “Vacuous Waxing”, “Prophet For Profit” and “Follow”


VacuousWaxingVacuous Waxing

Released: 2005  | (features Bill Kocher,  Irshad Khan, Danny Thompson, Stephen Fearing)
Includes: “Dip In The Shallow End”, “Everyday”, “Midnight”, “Argus Array”, “Follow”, “You Are The Only One”,  “Block”, “The Poets”, “Vacuous Waxing”, “Love Strong” and “Gone” (hidden track)


 differentdrumA Different Drum

Released: 2005  |  Dawud, with this friends The Fletcher Valve Drummers
Includes: “Kaartjes A.U.B. (Tickets, If You Please)”, “Rhythm of Surrender”, “Love Strong”, “From Here To There (The Journey)”, “The Letter”, “Let Me Be/The Veil”, “KW Shuffle”, “Sing Children of The World”, “Prophet for Profit” and “Dansez, Les Enfants Du Monde!”


bluewalls_000Blue Walls And The Big Sky

Released: 1995
Includes: “White Moon”, “Move To See”, “Black Glass”, “Window Song”, “The Old Fool”, “Assess Your Life”, “Rex The Dog”, “All Thee Pictures”, “Upon My Shelf”, “Education and The Working Man”, “Blind Faith”, “Wood and Nails”, “Antisocialsong”, “The Sweetest Afternoon”, “Flying”, “The Last Tea Song”, “Stuffed Animals Behind My Bed” and “History and Handshake Kisses”