Abraham Jam on Al Jazeera Television

Abraham Jam’s first Canadian performance at Toronto’s 2018 Muslimfest was a tremendous joy and honour for our little trio.  While embracing the incredible weekend of artistic expression, family fun, cultural diversity and spiritual reflection, my brothers Billy Jonas, David LaMotte and I had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Al Jazeera Television.  For all of my Arabic speaking friends who have subscribed to this website blog ~ enjoy!  Those of you with connections to other places where Arabic is spoken, please do share the link to help spread the word about Abraham Jam far and wide!  (Click image to watch)

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Abraham Jam ~ First Canadian Performance at Muslimfest

The Abraham Jam brothers had a tremendous time this past weekend at Toronto’s Muslimfest event ~ marking the trio’s first Canadian performance.  Taking to the stage for one song Saturday afternoon and then offering up a full set of material on Sunday, Dawud, David and Billy received warm reception from Muslimfest attendees.

Sharing songs from their forthcoming album “One” (due out this autumn), the AJ brothers were also pleased to record interviews with CBC, Al Jazeera and other independent media journalists covering the festival.    As soon as interviews are made available we will let you know!

Thank you to the Muslimfest organizers, volunteers, sponsors (especially Sound Vision and DawaNet) who made it possible for Abraham Jam to attend the event.  Huge thanks to the sound crew, fellow artists and of course, the incredible audience of families who gathered over the weekend to make the 15th annual Muslimfest event such an incredible success.

Here’s a snippet of Abraham Jam in action, courtesy of Muslimfest’s Facebook page.

click image to see Abraham Jam doing what they do best.

Here’s a full version of the same song “For The Holy Land“, uploaded by Muslimfest attendee Habeeb Alli (Thanks Habeeb!)

(Special note, to those who have followed Dawud’s music over the years.   The djembe used in Abraham Jam’s Toronto performance this past weekend was of special significance, as it was the performance drum of Dawud’s dear friend and mentor Dale “Jamaluddin” Marcelle of the Fletcher Valve Drummers.   Dale and the Fletchers toured with Dawud frequently between 2003 and 2007, produced A Different Drum with Dawud and were regular features of Muslimfest during those years as well.   With Dale’s passing in 2008, Canada lost a tremendous artist,  ambassador of peace and self-proclaimed “social adjuster”.  Through Abraham Jam’s rhythms, Dale’s djembe and passion beat on.)



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