Sound Vision Recordings

“The Muslim tradition of anasheed (spiritual hymns) dates back to the time of Muhammad, upon whom be peace, when poetry and communal singing were used by his companions to enliven hearts, motivate spirits and even satirically draw attention to social tests of the time.

Sound Vision Foundation has been a pioneer in the development of English language anasheed for almost thirty years. It has been a pleasure working with them that entire time, still seeking to inspire Muslim families of our generation toward community bridge building and positive social change through poetry and song.”

~ Dawud Wharnsby

Dawud Wharnsby (percussion and vocal only)

 PICNIC-CD-COVER differentdrum Hands  Sunshine TheLetter_000 RoadToMadinah ColoursOfIslam  AWhisperOfPeace

Dawud Wharnsby (with instrumentation)

Acoustic Simplicitea CD Baby Art ostf_000 thepoets_000 LoveStrong

Irfan Makki (percussion and vocal only)


Compilation Recordings (featuring Dawud Wharnsby, Irfan Makki, Zain Bhikha and others)

DaysofEid  LightUponLight

Narrative Recordings (featuring Dawud Wharnsby)